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Social Impact Media is an independent  media production company with 20 years in the digital industry.  Owners and operators of the

video catalog:    Globally trading eCommerce websites.


Our core business is production of stock photography and videoography.  We also use our media stock (and stock we license from other providers) to make consumer Internet documentary and multi-media productions.


You may be curious about  the company behind a favorite website or see our name on a transaction placed with PayPal.   This website acts as an anchor site and contact point for our regular contributing producers and customers.  Please use the Contact Us form to communicate with us.


You can contact us by sending an email or writing to the address listed under Contact Us in the top menu bar.


Social Impact Media Pty Ltd is a company incorporated in the state of NSW Australia operating globally. We research and visually explore social and cultural themes, common across western society. Media content is produced with a mix of input by experts in their field, experienced practitioners and interested individuals who may not hold any formal qualifications or experience of the topic. All our productions are intended as interesting information but not as advice that you should personally take action on without first referring to relevant professionals familiar with your personal circumstances.


Today we operate a network of "crowd sourced" media contributors, exploring a diverse range of popular social and cultural themes. Facilitating contributors furthering their careers and interests in making popular documentaries for people across the world.


Like to work with us as a paid producer/contributor?  Contact us and discuss.  To contribute to a topic, ask for our DropBox link to send us your production for confidential evaluation. Only content you own the full copyright should be uploaded. Uploaded content is strictly for our confidential consideration and is accepted on a no obligation basis. You are welcome to contact us by email to discuss your particular requirements before uploading your content.


DMCA matters:  Social Impact Media actively protects our copyright and that of our contributing producers.  if you are responding to a violation notice we have issued please contact us if you need to further discuss the matter of a notice issued to you.