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Working with Social Impact Media


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Contributing as a freelance contract producer:


Social Impact Media are Internet media content and documentary makers and multi-media e-Book producers with 20 years in the digital industry. The shows we make today are built by networks of "crowd sourced" remote working media producers, exploring a diverse range of popular social and cultural themes.


Ways for you to get involved:


  Contribute to an existing show, contact us to discuss how you can input to add to or improve current shows


  Input your specialist expertise to a current or suggested future show - we will arrange the technical details for your participation


  Suggest new concepts or show themes of yours that we can help YOU to produce under our production network umbrella



Like to work with us as a paid producer/contributor?  To contribute to a topic, use the Upload Form to send us your production(s) for confidential evaluation. Only content you own the full copyright should be uploaded. Uploaded content is strictly for our confidential consideration and is accepted on a no obligation basis. You are welcome to discuss your particular requirements before uploading your content.